Are You Using the Latest Most Effective Sales Tool? We Can Help.

Have you ever shared a video with prospective customers? Marketing experts say digital video is the next great sales tool.1

Why is video so effective?

Here’s why:Great-Western-blog

“The human brain processes images, visuals, and video much faster than it does text. This is precisely why video is an excellent medium for helping your customers to understand your product better and use it to achieve their business goals.” 2

Videos get your prospective customers thinking about using an LED sign. A video also helps eliminate unrealistic customer expectations.

Here’s your opportunity

If you’d like to use a video, here’s a good opportunity. A new video clip on our website features a Great Western Bank Galaxy® GS6 in action.

This is also a good video for potential financial customers, or as an example of great content at a downtown location.

How to share this link on your social media

Simply copy and paste the text below to your Facebook, LinkedIn account or blog:

View this great example of brand promotion using an LED sign : Great Western Bank

1 Spaeth, Jim. “The Future of Video in Marketing: Proof That Video Can Drive Sales,” MarketingProfs, June 8, 2017.

2 Khan, Jawad. “Facebook Live for B2B Marketers,” MarketingProfs, May 30, 2017.

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