More Than Just Scoring

Crater, Oregon is home to several things; including a tight-knit community, a sizable video board and an impressive class of A/V students.

How do they all connect? We talked to Alex Barrett, Daktronics Sports Marketing Sales Rep. for the Rocky Mountain region to fill us in.

In this area of the country, it’s less common to see larger video boards at high schools. Crater is a smaller town that purchased one of the first large video displays in the state.

And they’ve been putting it to good use, thanks to the high school’s A/V teacher, Mike Rogan, who has a background in broadcasting/filming. With careful intention, Rogan took his class further than just education and built a sense of community for those behind the scenes on game day.

With a few phone calls, the class was on their way to the University of Oregon to see how they produce their game-day content. Students at UofO

The students got to ask questions and watch the production of a live college event as well as bounce ideas off each other. Looking at the pictures, it’s easy to see their pride and excitement at being part of the next step. It turns out 3 of the 7 students on the tour now plan to attend the U of O this fall, with 2 of them being first-generation college attendees.


“Why not help them get all the experience they can?” said Barrett. “I’m excited to see where this goes. This is what we are here for, to show schools the possibilities out there. It’s the same equipment from the high school level all the way up to the NFL. It’s so much more than just a video board; it’s education, it’s life skills, it’s community and maybe even a career one day.”

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