Matt Ryan Tours Mercedes Benz Stadium

As part of Matt Ryan’s recent visit to Mercedes Benz Stadium, the Atlanta Falcons posted a new video in their “Mic’d Up” series to give an inside look at quarterback’s candid reaction to the new stadium. Watch the full video below:

Credit: Atlanta Falcons

The new stadium will have the largest LED video display in all of sports, a never-been-done-before, 360-degree halo display installed above the field as part of the stadium’s unique retractable roof structure.

The stadium also has a large, first-of-its-kind mega column LED display which stretches 101 feet from the first concourse level to the roof.

Project Facts

  • 83,500 total square feet of LED video displays
  • More square feet of LED than any other stadium in the world
  • 62+ million total LEDs
  • 16 different LED displays

Halo Display Facts

  • Never-been-done-before Halo display, 58 ft tall by 1,075 ft long
  • Approx. 62,000 square feet of LED, over 37 million LEDs
  • Largest non-transparent LED video display in the world, 6th largest LED video display in the world of any kind
  • Length of 3 football fields, equivalent to 5,800 60″ TVs
  • Rolled out it would be 10th tallest building in the US
  • Helicopter could easily fly through it

Mega Column Facts

  • 101 feet tall by 71 feet around
  • 6,700 square feet of LED, more than 17 other NFL venues main video display
  • 4+ million LEDs

Fans can look forward to seeing the new stadium for the first time in late August when preseason begins.

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