Video Boards Bring New Opportunities

A high school in Scottsbluff, Nebraska shook things up with three new video boards and four scoreboards between the football field, gymnasium and softball field. Not just the wow factor on the field, but behind the scenes also. 


New equipment is always exciting , but who will run the displays?

The high school plans to teach students how to run the displays through an A/V class, giving kids hands-on experience in real-life situations. Students will learn how the displays function and how to manage the content shown during games.

Even the Booster club is in on the action. After working through some educational materials with Daktronics Sports Marketing, the Booster club set to work selling sponsor panels to help fund the new displays. Once a school reaches the needed revenue for funding, additional income can be used for other program needs.

“Daktronics Sports Marketing helped craft a design that fits with our new logo and direction for our school,” said Jeff Kriewald, Scottsbluff’s Booster Club president. “They were very responsive and on top of getting the necessary items collected from our sponsors.”

Dave Hoxworth, assistant principal/activities director, agreed. “This equipment will give our old gym a fresh, new update. It will definitely be a focal point. Our softball fields will now have two scoreboards and we are updating the football stadium’s display. But, the best part is that the software in the gym and the stadium will be very similar.”


We’re here to helpPopowski_Chris_07004
Daktronics understands it can be daunting looking at new equipment options and considering how to cover costs. That’s where the Sports Marketing team steps in to help.

“It was an exciting time, working with the Scottsbluff  on developing this sponsor campaign,” said Chris Popowski, Daktronics Sports Marketing Regional Manager. “We helped with the sponsor packaging and presentations and the booster club did the rest! They did a great job selling all their sponsorship spots.”


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