Piccadilly Lights: Physical Installation Complete

The journey of LED display cabinets from Brookings, South Dakota, to London’s iconic Piccadilly Lights location is complete. The new massive, curved 4K LED display has been put into place on the building side in London’s Piccadilly Circus. This final cabinet was put in place last week completing the physical installation that has been underway all summer.

You can see the moment the last cabinet was put in place below.


We’ve been keeping track of the installation on our website at www.daktronics.com/piccadillylights and updating the following graphic to show the progress. We’re excited to show the 783+-square-meter display has been completely installed!


The location now features a single display using a tight 8-millimeter line spacing in the place of multiple different displays. Up next, a number of testing, connections and other service functions will take place before the fully-operational display is revealed this fall. Check back for updates or visit our website to keep up with this exciting project as we move closer to seeing the revamped Piccadilly Lights for the first time!

*Cover photo courtesy of Ocean Outdoor

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