Reasons Why an LED Sign Helps Town Halls Be More Successful

Use this one_Town-Hall-photo

Photo taken by Peter Fontaine for the Sun Rise

Johnston, Rhode Island, is happy with their town hall’s new LED sign. This article from the local newspaper explains why.

Before the LED display, people were leaving little wooden signs in front of the town hall to advertise upcoming events. The signs were weather-beaten and cluttered up the historic building’s entrance. The LED sign gave nonprofit organizations an attractive, highly visible medium to promote their activities.

In addition to the aesthetics of the sign, the mayor says it “has already served its purpose, especially during the recent snowstorms, by informing people of the parking bans, as well as things like trash pickup will be a day later.”

For all the details, take a look at Peter Fontaine’s “Message Board, Digital Sign Part of Town Hall Facelift,” published in

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