Your Customer Can See Immediate Results at the First-Time Fire Up


It’s installation day. What if you didn’t have to do software training or help the customer create a couple of messages? What if, instead, the customer saw their preloaded content running as soon as you hook up the power?

How can this happen? Together, we can give your customers access to Venus® Control Suite before you install their display. They have time to attend training, learn the software and work on ad campaigns.

The results are powerful. Just that easy, the customer’s sign is up and running.

Discover how this works and the importance of your role as the sign provider. Take 2 Order-to-Install_for-postminutes to watch: “What to Expect from Order to Install with Daktronics-Hosted Venus® Control Suite.”

Customer experiences like this build loyalty!

Are you working on a sale? Share these great Venus Control Suite selling points with your prospect.

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