34th Annual Sales Expo Attendees Learn to Train Their Brains for Success


When was the last time a speaker empowered you to become successful professionally and in private life? We became inspired listening to Roger Seip’s presentation, “Train Your Brain for Success” at the Sales Expo.

Roger’s speaks on the premise that our thoughts define the quality of our lives. And unfortunately, the “default setting” of our brain cultivates a confining comfort zone, making growth and success impossible in our professional and private lives.

He went on to explain ways to overcome the default setting that creates a negative culture. Roger challenged us to become “the most positive person in the room.” By altering our brain’s visualizations we can become confident, successful risk takers.

Roger’s practical, exciting ideas got Sales Expo off to an explosive start.

Apply what you learned
We picked up where Roger left off, and gave participants our own challenges.

Expo presentations gave attendees a chance to start applying what they learned. The sessions helped people begin setting better goals and making better decisions:

  • Product types—fuel price displays, message centers, video
  • Sales preparation necessary for success
  • Cultivating past customers to make them current customers

 Don’t miss out
We enjoyed hosting our sign companies last week, meeting new people and greeting the veterans. Daktronics started working with sign companies in 1982 and invited them to an expo the following year. We’re committed to helping you reach your goals.

This year, sign professionals attended from as far away as Oceanside, California (3,524 miles), and Tyler, Texas (1,834 miles). If you didn’t make it this year, mark your calendar now to come in 2018!

We’d love to be your host at our 35th annual Sales Expo,  in September. Keep an eye on the webpage for the date and other information.

And that’s not all
Our attendees enjoyed touring the manufacturing floor and the product reliability lab. Many stayed an extra day to pheasant hunt. Another important benefit at the expo is the opportunity to interact with other professionals throughout America.

Who won the YETI Hopper?
The Sign Design contest generates more networking as sign companies listen to participants explain their sales strategies and ideas. This year, Scot Conover, Sign Graphics & Design, LLC., won the YETI Hopper. Congratulations, Scot!

Making $$$ selling LED signs
Through the years—close to 50—we’ve seen firsthand what you need to expedite sales. We intentionally put in place different ideas leading to success, such as:

  • Our new product, the Galaxy® eCCB, opens a whole new niche for sign companies: manually changeable copy board owners.
  • A program we have in place taps in to the huge potential of selling new displays to legacy sign owners.
  • Discussion about the value of taking time to thoroughly research a few customers and know their pain points, instead of sending out many off-the-cuff quotes.

Experts predict $20 billion in sales by 2020 in the digital signage industry. Can we help you get your share of this market? See you at the expo next year!

What did you like? What didn’t you like?
We put a lot of effort into Sales Expo. Will you take a couple of minutes to help us make it better? Sales Expo 2017 Feedback. Thank you!

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