Sell Venus® Control Suite with Confidence: Free Training for Sign Companies

The advance of technology is changing customer expectations. Instead of simply selling an LED sign and its benefits, you now must sell the simple yet robust experience the customer can expect from the software.

To successfully sell software, it’s important to be familiar with the functions each customer expects. Some want simple content management only. But others may need features beyond basic creation and scheduling.

Free software training

Venus® Control Suite provides every feature your customers need, as well as timely updates. We’re offering you FREE Venus Control Suite training on selected advanced features. Understanding these features will help you sell the software and confidently answer customer questions.

The advanced feature we’ll cover in October is account hierarchy. This feature is ideal for a customer who manages multiple displays. Your trainer will show you examples from corporations, municipalities and schools. You’ll understand how each account is broken down and how to navigate through each one.

October training on Account Hierarchy

Register today to secure your place!

We also record each session and send you a link for future training needs or practice.

 Free training each month

Training is monthly and features these topics:

  • Account hierarchy – October
  • New content offering – November
  • Zoning and sync scheduling – January
  • Fuel data GS6 – February
  • Data RSS – March

Keep an eye on future blog posts

We’ll let you know in plenty of time what the next topic is and when to register.

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