Basketball season is nearly here.  With that, we have new support tools to help you prepare for the new season.  We’ve added new features to our online support resources that will enhance your support experience by providing access to the exact knowledge you need for the basketball season.

From a basic scoreboard for scoring and timing, to the more advanced basketball systems, we have you covered. Before your next game, check out our basketball support landing page for info on how to operate, maintain and fix high school, college and professional basketball equipment.

What’s popular?

From the basketball support landing page you can browse for individual basketball products.  One of our more popular pages this time of year is the All Sport 5000 Series Controller Support page.  Go here for tutorials, ordering antennas, and much more.

 Is your equipment ready for the first game?

We recommend completing a season readiness check 2-4 weeks before your first event, giving you enough time to fulfill any potential service or parts needs. A good place to get started would be to verify any of your scoreboard and All Sport Console components before the season. Create your own preseason readiness checklist so you know the types of things to verify before tip-off.

Keep in touch with online support tools to help prepare for the first game and to keep your system running throughout your season.

For more on technical support, check

This post is by Danielle, Daktronics Trainer.


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