Are you using the product brochure, Digital Display Solutions 2017–2018? If not, download a copy now. If you need hard copies, contact your Daktronics rep.

Also access the product brochure on your web page:

Pull a quote together faster using information you need at your fingertips. Colored tabbing along the sides helps for easy navigation between catalog sections.

Catalog Cover

Quickly identify your customer’s specific needs:

  • Full-color and monochrome displays
  • Product family descriptions
  • Viewing distances charts
  • Matrix charts
  • Communication options

Show your customers installation photos from a wide variety of niches in the product catalog. Also, find leasing information, content options, and LED technology facts.

Review exciting new additions to the catalog:

  • ADFLOW Networks – an indoor digital media solutions provider
  • Cellular and FLXR3 communication
  • Latest Venus® Control Suite latest features


Below are some additional sales resources:

Daktronics Galaxy® ECCB Displays

Daktronics Galaxy® GS6 Displays

Venus® Control Suite for Message Displays

Daktronics DVX-1830 SMD Displays


Please send us your feedback. What sales literature do you need?


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