Due to the ease and convenience of installation, Ethernet Bridge radios are a popular choice for communication for Daktronics message centers and displays. While most of these radios will enjoy a long lifetime of use with minimal problems there are times where communication problems can occur. The good news is that these communication problems can be taken care of by looking at just a few key areas of the system.

The areas of the system that are most often the cause of any communication problem is power, cable connections and placement/orientation of the radios. You will want to start off with power by inspecting the lights on the power over Ethernet adapter and the face of the radios. This should be followed by checking cable connections at the network, power over Ethernet adapter, and at display. The lights on the face of the radios can help indicate if there is a break in physical connections. Reseating these connection points will resolve a large share of communication problems. Last of all one should inspect the current placement of the radios and orientation of their antennas. This can have the greatest long-term impact on the stability and reliability of communications.

To assist with checking and troubleshooting these points, we have a detailed guide to  effectively identify the cause of communication problems and provide the solution. This can be found on our Knowledge Base.

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