Have you ever dealt with a customer whose display was damaged by extreme weather? We’ve all heard Mark Twain’s remark that “everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

Univeristy of Alaska's LED Sign

We have done something to help your customers cope with unexpected events.

Because the warranty doesn’t cover acts of nature, vandalism or accidental damage, owners of damaged displays look to coverage provided by their business’s insurance plan. When you have a customer with a damaged display, share this informative flier with them: Vandalism & Extreme Weather Service Guide.

The guide streamlines the damage reporting process to quickly get the display back up and running again. It contains how to:

  • Submit a request for service and assistance
  • Report the damage
  • Take the photos Customer Service will need


We’re committed to stand by you and your customer throughout the intended life of the product. We’ll be here to help resolve the situation.

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