Now is an exciting time for LED sign owners! People feel good about the economy and unemployment is down.  Research predicts that holiday sales for brick and mortar businesses will reach $682 billion this year.

Seismic change in message creation

Check to see if your customers are using our exciting, new, FREE content, the Media Kit Building Blocks. This versatile content will jump-start your customers’ holiday campaign.

This month, we announced that this new content is available to all Galaxy® GS6 owners:

  • 400+ media kit backgrounds
  • 127 new still and animation backgrounds
  • 225+ graphic elements

 This media kit is different from anything else on the market. Media Kit Building Blocks opens the door to LED sign owners to quickly create a one-of-a-kind, customized message.

Building-Block-Images-Holiday.jpgHoliday graphic elements
range from snowmen and Nativity scenes to a New Year’s party ball. Your GS6 users pick the one that goes best with the promotional text they have in mind. The possibilities are innumerable!


More content options

An LED sign is the ultimate advertising medium, and our holiday content package will help your customers maximize their display’s potential.

Shoppers love seasonal graphics and messages. Your customer can boost business with:

  • Holiday Fun
  • Holiday Collection 1
  • Christmas Characters
  • Spiritual Celebration
  • New Year Winter Wonderland

For more content options visit

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