What is the volume control widget?

The volume control widget allows you to adjust volume levels on audio paired with your displays’ content. This feature can come in handy during game day production when transitioning between timeouts and live play or if volume is playing louder or softer than expected.  For those using volume from their players, the volume control widget should be installed along the bottom toolbar of Display Studio.

What has been updated?

A recent update to Show Control has included easy to use and intuitive enhancements to the volume widget. The new widget allows operators to quickly adjust volume levels for one or more displays via slider bars.  The update also includes mute icons that to let operators quickly mute or unmute devices so fans will always be able to hear the audio that accompanies any messages.

show control volume comparison_oldshow control volume comparison new

Learn more:

How do I use the volume control widget in Display Studio?

For information on updating your Display Studio version to include this and other features, visit our Professional Services page and submit your contact information.

This post is by Danielle, Daktronics Trainer.


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