Pull a Quote Together Using Our Product Catalog

Do you have a potential LED sign customer? After talking to them about their expectations, pick up the Digital Display Solutions catalog.

Do you have a potential LED sign customer? After talking to them about their expectations, pick up the Digital Display Solutions catalog. It’s a one-stop resource to help you put together the best quote.


Let’s pretend

Let’s walk through the process using an auto dealership as your customer. Right now, their on-premise sign is an older, monochrome marquee. The property adjoins heavy traffic, with several other dealerships in the area.

What LED sign should you quote for this customer?


Mono or full color

This scenario calls for a full-color display because the dealership will be running product logos and vehicle photographs. And with competitors in the same neighborhood, they’ll want to stand out as much as possible. So, begin by looking at the full-color display Galaxy® GS6 pages (pp. 28-35).



Check the GS6 family description to see how this product meets your customer’s needs. This imaginary customer wants to run animations but not video. (You may need to make them aware of current sign codes.) A GS6 is the best solution for this scenario because of its outstanding graphics and animations.



Next, turn to page 13 for the Text Viewing Ranges chart. The new sign will be installed approximately 40 feet from the area’s heavy traffic, making a GS6 15.85 mm a good fit.

The resolution should be high for this scenario. Auto dealerships tell us they sell vehicles all the time when people see them on the display. The sign is an extension of their show room, so the content must look exceptional. Also, the high resolution will help cut through the clutter from the competition’s signs.


Lines & columns

The display’s physical size depends on the space it will fill. The size of the existing structure may help with this. Turn to page 30 to see the GS6 15.85 mm dimensions chart. We’ll say the space to be filled is 7’10” x 9′ 8″. According to the chart, lines and columns for this project will be 140 x 175.

Remember, customers with competitors in the area may want a larger, high-resolution sign, as well as a full-color one, to cause sign envy.



To finish, turn to pages 26-27 for communication info. Ethernet radio will work well for our imaginary customer whose sign is 850 feet away from the local network. The dealership needs an internet connection to work with our cloud-based Venus Control Suite software.

Also use the installation photos in the product catalog when talking to your customers about their expectations.


If you ever need any help at all with quoting, contact your Daktronics rep.


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