Support Made Simple

At Daktronics, we make every effort to ensure that you will have a seamless and trouble-free experience when using our equipment. However, we also recognize that there may be times where everything does not go as planned or does not work as expected.

We are committed to ensuring that during these times that you have access to the tools and resources you need to make this as short and as least impactful as possible. To provide you with the level of service and responsiveness that can make this happen we have made several resources readily available through which you can find the answer or help that will best fit your situation.

  • Our extensive Knowledge Base covers a wide variety of problems and questions that run the gamut of all our products. This can be accessed through our support portal.
  • A library of video resources can be accessed through our support portal or directly at our Daktronics Support channel on Youtube.
  • Manuals and quick guides, as well as training courses are readily available through our support portal.

As always, if you need some additional assistance or want to connect with our trained support teams, we can be reached at 1-800-325-8766, or through your MySupport Customer Portal.

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