Batter Up!

With baseball season swinging into action, teams need to ensure they are ready with all of the display content they need for the upcoming season. Updated headshots, new logo treatments and refreshed sponsor ads are just a few things that may need to be considered.

Sponsor Obligations – Ask your marketing department about sponsor contract obligations that need to be upheld throughout the season.

Determine Season Theme(s) – Bring outside marketing efforts into your stadium using your Daktronics display. Perhaps there is a new campaign that can be incorporated into your game-day look. Maybe Family Day has changed from Fridays to Saturdays. Consider what new branding elements will work in your production.

Review Game-Day Looks – Determine your inning break and in-game looks. If content placement has changed since last season, make sure it is still visible from anywhere in the stadium.

Evaluate Content – Headshots, crowd prompts, logo treatments and sponsor pieces are a few items that will likely need updating. Daktronics Creative Services can help with all content elements. Whether you’re in need of new content or need assistance configuring existing content, contact us today.

Interested in what Professional Services has to offer? Check out the work we completed for the New York Mets in preparation for their 2016 season.

NY Mets

Interested in content or other Professional Services? Contact us today!


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