Feed the Madness

Learn how live feeds are a great way to capitalize on the madness and excitement of March basketball!

It’s that time of year. March is right around the corner, and everyone has the fever. No, we’re not talking about the flu. It’s basketball time!

Everyone’s eyes are glued to their TV screen, phone or computer checking scores to see how their team is doing. But what about when you can’t have screen time and are curious where things stand? Why not leverage one of the most powerful and highly visible mediums to keep your audience in the game?

308x1092 Basketball Template - Scores - Sponsorship

What is better than your team making all of its free-throws? How about a free content feed! Make the most of your ad space during a local fan frenzy by adding a live score feed to your digital billboard. Data feeds naturally draw more interest than traditional advertising does and is a great way to get people talking about your board.

308x1092 Basketball Template - Twitter

Take advantage of the momentum today and contact us to get your free content template!

To learn more about Data feeds in Venus Control Suite, please read:  Feeds, Feeds, Feeds: Finding, Setting Up and Displaying Data Feeds

To learn more about Data feeds in Visiconn, please read:  How do I map an RSS, XML data feed in Visiconn?

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