50 Years in the Industry

Since 1982, we’ve applied ourselves to make every moment matter for our sign company partners.

The Daktronics 50-year anniversary includes all the features of a great American success story—vision, hard work, sacrifice and can-do confidence.

Farm kids


Both of our founders and many employees grew up on farms. Their work ethic and problem-solving confidence entered our culture and inspired our theme of “Every Moment Matters.”

To provide South Dakota graduates decent jobs, we seized every opportunity that came up. We took on challenges such as an electronic voting system for Utah and an innovative wrestling scoring system. Further down the road, we also pioneered equipment for the Lake Placid Olympics, PGA tours, professional sports venues, and Times Square.

Our sign company partners

We sincerely appreciate your expertise and support over the years. Since 1982, we’ve applied ourselves to make every moment matter for our sign company partners. We’re dedicated to helping you become confident and successful selling and servicing LED signs and digital display networks.

“Our first Daktronics order was in 1983. We have customers with 3rd generation Daktronics products . . . we built our company on repeat orders; Daktronics quality has aided us in that process.”  – Tim Overmyer, president, Vandaco Signs, Argos, IN

Speaking of making every moment matter, we invite you to attend our 35th Sales Expo in September. We’ll share sales strategy with you and display our most recent products. Also, you’ll spend valuable moments with others in the sign industry. Tuition is free and registration is open.



What a foundation these years give us to build on! Together, let’s enter the astonishing future ahead. To read more great stories about our 50th anniversary, check out our Daktronics Life Blog.

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