Bobcat Broadcast Media

The Brookings High School Bobcats have been busy this school year, particularly the Broadcast Media Class. Brad Nupen serves in Computer Applications and Broadcast Media roles at the school. His broadcasting class has taken on the challenge of creating content for their video displays.

Sophomores and up can participate in making movies, developing characters, creating hype videos, public service announcements, commercials for sponsors and interviewing people as well as directing, to name a few tasks. The students even create stories for the school, city and state. In using their Daktronics equipment, they also have learned how to create scripts and pull entire productions together to run on the display.

“The kids are really excited to have their work up on the screen. We want to draw more students in to the games so this is a fun way to accomplish that. Our advertisers like seeing their spots on the display as well, and the fan cam is always a hit.”

With a large video display on each end of the gymnasium and use of South Dakota State University’s football field for games, there are prime opportunities to test out their skills. “We’re running graphics, art and HTML is worked on in another class,” he continued. “It’s a great way to showcase our student body and their creativity. The kids actively come up with new ideas to show what they can do.”

Make your video display act as your main scoreboard also. With zoning it allows you to show score, live video, stats and sponsors. Using the space you have for every moment of the game, customized for each sport.


With help just a few minutes away if needed, “It’s nice to be close!” Brad chuckled. “We had a demo of the video display and watched the online tutorials which were helpful. I actually converted them into quizzes for the kids which worked well.”

Daktronics YouTube channel
Knowledge Base 

“The goal at the end of the day is to use your board, so have fun with it! There are fail-safes built in like the reset button if you need to start fresh. Just be willing to get in and play around with it,” Brad advised.

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