High Schools Light Up Friday Nights

Schools are using Friday Night Lights to not only keep fans entertained, but to reach non-athlete students and expand their budgets.

For 50 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building quality products our customers can count on. Our efforts are paying off—hundreds of high schools continue to install Daktronics equipment year after year.


Keep the fans entertained

These new products deliver outstanding Friday Night Lights events to the fans. They are taking advantage of the interactivity of their new video display, such as running the Dance Cam or a pan of the audience. The hundreds of new scoreboards and audio systems ramp up the excitement for an experience that’ll keep the fans coming back.


Reach non-athlete students

More and more high schools are participating in a national trend: creating non-sport experiences for students by gearing education and extracurriculars around the operation of their video display. Students and fans alike love seeing the ‘show’ students create with their new video systems.


Equipment that pays for itself

Also, the video displays and scoreboards pay for themselves and other budget items with the help of our sports marketing team. Sports marketing assists schools to cover their monthly payments and generate funds through sponsorship revenue.


Customers over the decades

In our 50 years, we’ve developed unmatched services to back up our products. We want to make sure your game day is still lighting up the crowd years down the road.

As Daktronics celebrates its 50-year anniversary, we want to acknowledge some loyal and returning customers

Best of luck to Washington High School, Massilon, Ohio

In 1993, this high school was the first to install a Daktronics electronic scoreboard. In 2005, they updated to a Daktronics scoreboard with a video board and a message center marquee. They will kick off the 2018 season with a brand new video display.

Washington HS_Massillon OH_Starburst





We wish a great 2018 football season to all #DakSchools!


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