Get Social on Your Video Display

Looking for ways to get the crowd more engaged with game day? Get your fans where they spend their time, on social media.

Daktronics partnered with Screenfeed to offer an affordable way to moderate social media posts and show them on your video display, just like you see at the big-league sporting events.  Have your fans use a specific hashtag or tweet to a special account, similar to how Oak Creek created an account to bring their display to life, digitally.

What do fans want to see?

  • A photo of themselves showing off their school spirit (everyone wants to see their face on the big screen!)
  • Thoughts on the play-by-play with a hashtag
  • Showing off their best game-day face
  • Request the next song played during the time out or half time
  • Promote school or local events

How does this work?

Setup and training are all taken care of online when you buy. The process is quick and easy:

  1. Set up a Screenfeed account (where you moderate the content)
  2. Create a smart button on Show Control
  3. Check the tweets you want to show
  4. Push to go live!

This new feature, thanks to our partnership with Screenfeed, makes the technology used in professional sports accessible and affordable for high schools. Once you are setup, you can make game days more exciting than ever, with minimal effort, and for a low cost.

Reach out to your local salesperson
and mention #DakSchools to get your
first 6 months with Screenfeed for free.

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