Wondering what you have scheduled?

The scheduled content tool gives you an easy visual of your scheduled content

If you use more than one playlist to schedule a variety of content on your Daktronics display, you might wonder, did I schedule everything correctly? Have no fear, there’s a tool you can use to check this!

From the main menu, select Tools, and then click Scheduled Content.

scheduled content pic 1.jpgThe Scheduled Content Tool allows you to view a graphic representation of daily scheduled content.

scheduled content pic 2.jpg

Next, click Select Display to choose your display and click the date to choose the date you want to view.

scheduled content pic 3.jpg

The scheduled content tool gives you a simple visual representation of the content that will run on your display in a 24-hour period. You will notice that each item only appears once per time frame.

For this reason, this view does not always represent the order in which the items will play. For the exact order you should refer to your playlists. If you click on an item, you can view the Schedule Details for that item, including:

Exposures – the number of times the item will play, per day
Duration – the length of time the item will play, per exposure
Total Play time the total amount of play time for that item, per day
Sale – only for Ad Grid users, shows the advertiser account name and sale dates
Playlist – shows the name of the playlist, playlist details, and allows you to click “view playlist”
Playlist Item – shows the file name, days of the week and time range for the selected item

Scheduled Content Report

If you are looking to save or print this type of data, you can also run a report for scheduled content. From the main menu, navigate to Reports, select Add New, then select Scheduled Content Report. This report can be printed or saved as a PDF document.


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