Venus Control Suite – Setting Up a Twitter Feed

Did you know that you can bring in a Twitter feed to send to your display in Venus Control Suite?

Did you know that you can bring in a Twitter feed to send to your display in Venus Control Suite? Now you know! Keep in mind that only Users set up as Administrators will have access to Data.

To set up a Twitter feed, follow these steps:

Creating a Twitter Feed

  1. Log into Venus Control Suite.
  2. Click on Data in the Main Menu.
    Data menu.png
  3. Click on the Arrow next to the blue Add New button and select Twitter Feed.
  4. Type in a name for the Twitter feed into the Name of Feed text field.
  5. Type the number of Tweets in the Number of Tweets text field.
  6. Type the Update Interval and select the unit of time, which determines how often Venus Control Suite polls data. Intervals can range from 1 minute to 365 days.  We recommend setting the Update Every field to no less than 10 minutes for Tweets.
  7. Authenticate the Twitter account.
    1. Click Launch Twitter Authorization.
    2. Type the Username and Password if required by Twitter.
    3. Click Authorize app.
  8. Configure the data feed component.
    1. Click Add Components under Data Feed Components.
    2. Click Confirm in the Add Component Confirmation
    3. Type the Component Name in the text field. You cannot have more than one component with the same name.
    4. Select a Data Type from the drop-down list.
    5. Select an Element from the element tree, which will create an XPath Expression.  When you put check marks next to elements, you will also see a Preview of what will appear on your display.
    6. Click Add.
    7. Confirm the Venus Data Usage Agreement.
    8. Repeat the above steps to configure additional Twitter feed components.
  9. Click Save when you are finished.
  10. Click Exit and you will see your Twitter Feed listed.


Creating a Web Presentation with your Twitter Feed

Now that the Twitter feed is set up in your account, it’s time to get it out to your display. You can do this by bringing the feed in to a web presentation.

  1. Log in (or stay logged in) to Venus Control Suite.
  2. Click on Media in the Main Menu.
  3. Click on the Arrow next to the blue Add New button and select New Web Presentation.
  4. Type in a Name and Select the correct Display Size for your Web Presentation.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Click on the Add Dynamic Data Field button above your canvas. This button will only appear if you have feeds set up.
  7.  Choose a Source and Field in the Select Data Source window. These are the names you gave to your feed, and your component. Then click Set
    Select Data Source.pngAdjust the formatting of the data field under the Properties column. If the data component that you pulled in is text only, you may want to consider importing a background from your Media Library as well. The data field will behave much like a text box, and you can adjust the font, size, etc. in the FONT section.
    final product.png
  8. Click Save when you are finished, to save this presentation to your Media Library.
  9. Schedule your new data presentation to play on your display by reading How do I create a playlist in Venus Control Suite?. Or watching Video Walkthrough – Venus Control Suite basics 

    You did it!

Knowledge Base Articles

Please read the following related Knowledge Base articles for additional information regarding data feeds in Venus Control Suite.

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