Safer Communities with Automatic Emergency Alerts

Join an interview with our software product manager about a new Venus® Control Suite feature that automatically runs emergency alerts.

In this post, Jessie Koch, Daktronics product manager, answers questions about digital billboards automatically running Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) emergency alerts. IPAWS provides an effective way to warn the public about serious emergencies.

What is this new feature? How does it work?

Daktronics has integrated IPAWS emergency alerts with Venus® Control Suite. Display operators simply choose their desired level of involvement by turning on alerts and selecting time and frequency. Then, when there’s an alert in their area, it automatically runs on the display(s). It is a complete, hands-free solution.

What exactly is IPAWS?

IPAWS, a FEMA program, is an integration of America’s alert infrastructure that warns the public about serious emergencies. This single interface includes the Emergency Alert System, Wireless Emergency Alerts, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Weather Radio and other public alerting systems.

Who can use this new feature?

Daktronics customers using our hosted Venus® Control Suite to operate their digital billboards or LED signs have the option to automatically run IPAWS emergency alerts.

Why did Daktronics make IPAWS available to display owners?

We’ve always promoted the value of a business providing community-based messages.

Koch says, “Our digital billboards and LED signs are positive additions to the community . . . we are able to perform several public service functions by facilitating Amber Alerts, weather alerts and law enforcement alerts.”

 Any examples of weather alerts from the field?

Within minutes of the I-35 Minneapolis, Minnesota, bridge collapse, digital billboards advised motorists to take alternate routes. In Fargo, North Dakota, when the Red River flooded, Newman Outdoor’s billboards directed officials, flood workers and evacuees throughout the city.

 Fighting crime

When the FBI renewed their contract with Daktronics, Clear Channel Outdoor wanted to run alerts on their displays. Since running these messages, Daktronics billboards have helped catch 13 fugitives.

Another example–a Daktronics digital billboard in Allentown, Pennsylvania, displayed the mug shot of Kendall C. Richardson, Jr. He was armed, dangerous and wanted for murder. Thanks to the 12-feet by 24-feet billboard and local law enforcement, Richardson was caught and charged.

How does this add a new dimension to your programming?

Digital displays open the door for owners to demonstrate community commitment. In return, display owners attract new customers. IPAWS streamlines the process and offers a more comprehensive choice of emergency alerts.

View the flyer “Automatic Emergency Alerts

Software trainer walks you through IPAWS Emergency Alerts in Venus Control Suite




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