Daktronics Digital Billboard Hurricane Preparation Procedure

Hurricane season has begun. We offer you a guide to help you become prepared, including a startup procedure.

Atlantic Ocean hurricane season is an ongoing event, beginning June 1 and ending on November 30. Now is a good time for digital billboard owners to make some decisions and complete preparations.

During hurricane season is a good time to decide to either power down the display(s) or keep them running to alert people about:

  • Weather conditions.
  • Evacuation routes.
  • Safety announcements.

Digital billboard owners want to continue the industry’s legacy of serving the public. But you also need to weigh the benefits of turning the display off.  Now’s a good time to decide what’s best for your location(s).

We’ve put together a guide to help you, Daktronics Digital Hurricane Preparation Procedure. It contains how to create a priority spreadsheet, hurricane preparation for displays both with and without SmartLink™ and a startup procedure for after the hurricane.




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