New Sizes Added to the Expanded Rapid Delivery Program

Daktronics adds more sizes of GS6 displays to the Expanded Rapid Delivery Program. Take a look!

We receive a lot of orders from you for our most popular product, the Galaxy® GS6, controlled by the cloud-based Venus® Control Suite software. Often, a sale depends on the lead time. Customers have deadlines.

With this in mind, we created the Daktronics Expanded Rapid Delivery Program. It offers two-week lead times for our most popular models. And now we’ve added additional sizes you can offer your customers:

32×100 19.8 mm
48×140 19.8 mm
64×140 19.8 mm
64×120 19.8 mm
60×175 15.85 mm
80×175 15.85 mm

Your customers love the GS6 because it’s designed to run outstanding graphics and animations. And the Venus Control Suite software gives them the most convenient user experience to date.

For our sign company partners, our engineers designed a product with features that make installation and maintenance faster and easier.

Use this handy, updated Daktronics Expanded Rapid Delivery Program flyer.

Questions? Your Daktronics representative will be glad to talk with you about rapid delivery.

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