Changing the ribbon board game with Daktronics ProRail® system

Daktronics has installed ProRail technology for more than 20 customers in indoor and outdoor ribbon board applications.

When I’m heading to the stadium or arena to watch my favorite team play, I’m getting excited long before my ticket is scanned and I sit down in my seat. I’m anticipating the action and crowd cheering and the one-of-a-kind atmosphere I can’t get at home. Working for Daktronics, of course I notice the main video display and all the content it shows from replays to graphics to stats. But I also notice the ribbon boards.

Ribbon boards are a vital piece of the overall fan experience. They run along the seating fascia and provide stats and graphics that can literally surround fans in digital content. While there’s more to video boards than just installing them and turning them on, the same is true for ribbons. Especially when it comes to the installation and attention to detail that benefits the fans.

To accommodate fans and stadiums everywhere, Daktronics patented the ProRail® attachment system for ribbon boards. At a very basic level, this system is an alternative method for installing ribbon boards by eliminating the concrete fascia of indoor and outdoor venues.

The system improves sightlines within a venue by reducing the overall depth by roughly one foot. It also reduces costs by approximately $250 per foot and reduces weight by 150 pounds per foot.


This product is top-accessible for easy access and servicing. It can stand alone or integrate metal or glass railings with options for drink trays and cup holders depending on the seating proximity and needs of the venue.

You can even plan for expansion by including the ProRail® panels during construction to leverage cost savings and improve sightlines from the start. Then you can insert the LED modules as funds become available. And, just like our other video products, these ribbon displays can be future-proofed with the ability to swap modules when a newer LED technology emerges.

Here’s a more detailed view of the Daktronics ProRail® system:

  1. ProRail display provided by Daktronics and installed by Daktronics subcontractor.
  2. Front edge of concrete fascia.
  3. Continuous PL3/8×3” provided by Daktronics.
  4. This area to be filled and skimmed over plate with grout after installation (by others).
  5. Continuous embedment plate (shown as PL4 x 3/8” sized and provided by others).

These are the things that venue managers and team owners need to be aware of and think about so that the fans can show up on game day and enjoy themselves.

I know I’ve heard from many people about how great a stadium looks and how the displays help them enjoy the event. What they never say is, “Man, those sightlines provided by the ribbon boards are fantastic!”

And if a venue has thought of all the important details beforehand, there’s no reason for the fans to notice. But once they lose their sightlines, that’s the moment their experience is limited and less than stellar. That’s why Daktronics engineered the ProRail® system. To make the fan experience better without them even noticing.


For reference, more than 20 customers have relied on Daktronics for this technology from Little Caesars Arena and Gila River Arena to Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Marlins Park. The most recent installation is at Allianz Field for Minnesota United FC. Follow these links for more info on indoor and outdoor ribbon boards.

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