Rebates Look Good On You – And Your Customers

A rebate of up to $1,500 is available on a new Daktronics display! Learn more!

Your customers are always looking for ways to improve their businesses. If you’ve been encouraging them to upgrade their aging LED signs and software, now is the time to approach them again, because  Daktronics is offering a rebate!

Every customer that replaces an aging LED sign with a beautiful, new Daktronics display is eligible for a rebate up to $1,500.

There are many reasons for them to upgrade!

  1. Flexible, easy-to-use control software. Secure, cloud-based Venus Control Suite lets your customers control their display from just about anywhere, with the device that’s most convenient for them.
  2. Good looks. Let’s face it. Displays are only as good as what’s on them. Luckily, every new Daktronics LED display comes with free, professionally created content. It’s just another benefit you can offer your customers!
  3. Logos, graphics, ads and promotions will pop! An LED sign from Daktronics has the best contrast in the industry, so graphics really stand out, generating new interest in your business.
  4. Less downtime. Daktronics completely seals components, keeping all those unwanted elements out. That means you’ll have fewer service calls to handle.
  5. Did we mention the rebate? Up to $1,500!

How the rebate works

The rebate program is very easy. Once your customer has finalized their purchase with you, make sure your customer knows their display matrix size and their Daktronics display order number so they can send it directly to us. It won’t affect your sale or profits at all. The rebate program is available for orders submitted between November 4, 2019 and February 1, 2020.Rebate claims must be submitted within 90 days of the order.

  • Level 1: Customers who upgrade to signs with 3,200 to 11,000 total pixels per display face receive a $1,000 rebate for 2V display orders.
  • Level 2: Customers who upgrade to signs with more than 11,000 total pixels per display face get a $1,500 rebate for 2V display orders. *
  • Consider sweetening the deal by adding your own incentive plan! For example, some sign companies are choosing to match the Daktronics offer with their own credit towards installation costs!

It’s a win-win!

Get in touch with your Daktronics sales rep, and we’ll send you as many fliers as you need to start the conversation with your customers and let them know that now is the time to upgrade to a new Daktronics LED sign.

Learn more about the details of the rebate at

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