2019-20 Product Catalog and 2020 Sign Company Calendar Now Available

The 2019-2020 Digital Display Solutions catalog and 2020 Sign Company Calendar are now available.

As you work with your customer to choose the right digital sign, use our updated product catalog to help you find the perfect option for your customer’s situation.

Product Catalog

Each year Daktronics creates a complete catalog of all our current products and other company info. Our Digital Display Solutions catalog is a great tool to help you select the best product for your customers.

The 2019-2020 edition features our new Galaxy GT6x Series Displays, which is a high-resolution LED sign with surface-mount LEDs for bright, vibrant images. As always, you can expect a reliable product with simple installation and unparalleled customer service when investing in the GT6x. There’s no need to choose between high brightness and a long life; this series gives you both.

Also in the catalog is a spread on resources available to sign companies. We host an annual Sales Expo event dedicated to our sign company partners because we are committed to helping you succeed in selling LED signs and making connections with others in the industry.

Our catalog includes a complete range of our products and services designed specifically for businesses, non-profit organizations, and sign companies.

To view this catalog, go to our Sign Company Resources webpage and scroll down to “Product Resources.” Or, ask your local Daktronics sales representative to deliver print copies to your office.

Sign Company Calendar

Daktronics released a 2020 calendar filled with sign projects done by our sign company partners.

The calendar features Sales Expo Sign Design contest winners and participants and includes project photos on each month. Our calendar also comes with all national and major holidays included.Contact your local sales person to get your own copy.

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