Marketing Goes Above and Beyond With COVID-19 Messaging

Free COVID-19 messaging available to customers to help them communicate to their communities.

Employees at Daktronics are always working hard to provide the best content to our customers, but one group is going above and beyond to keep the public safe during the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

COVID-19 has businesses working differently, but many are able to remain operational. And their Daktronics displays are helping them communicate to the public.

“We have created several pieces of content, mostly text based, that display owners can add to their display to communicate COVID-19 messages, business-impacting changes, and help inform customers and the community of what’s happening,” said Kelly Hanson, Daktronics marketing coordinator.

The team made quick work of creating 22 different pieces of content, free to customers, in over 180 display sizes to start. Since then, they have more than doubled the number of messages for each display size. Several other pieces are planned and/or are in production now. All of the content is free for display owners to download and use.

“We have created processes to streamline the content creation and resizing process allowing us to create faster and release sooner,” said Levi James, Daktronics digital artist.

The team says responsiveness is key when it comes to something like this.

“Daktronics is in a unique position to not only assist our customers by communicating their business operations but to help them inform their communities about COVID-19,” said James. “Now more than ever it’s important for our display owners to fully utilize Daktronics technology, services, and software to provide aid in their local communities across the country.”

One local business owner is grateful for the free content. DeLon Mork, owner of the Madison, South Dakota, Dairy Queen, thanks Daktronics for their willingness to help during this time.

“Daktronics has exceeded my needs and expectations,” said Mork. “I think the messaging is spot on. From curbside-pickup to drive-thru messaging and so much more, we have all our needs met thanks to Daktronics.”

The Madison Dairy Queen received their new display in January 2020. With the display located in a highly populated and high-traffic area, Mork is glad Daktronics has provided all the COVID-19 messaging to keep Madison safe. He also thanked Hanson for all her hard work in keeping the display operational.

“I have let Kelly take it over,” he said. “She has listed a bunch of COVID-19 messaging and information on how to utilize the store.”

Although there isn’t an exact number of customers using the messages, Hanson said Daktronics sent out notices to 3,700 customers with links to access the Daktronics library. Links to the library have also been shared by the International Sign Association, the World Sign Association, sign company partners, and more to help spread awareness of the resource available to all LED display owners. Since the release of the content library on 16 March, there have been nearly 9,000 downloads.

As the team continues to work on creating up to date COVID-19 messaging, they are staying true to the Daktronics mission to inform audiences through dynamic communication systems.

“Our hope is that our content will keep our customers and communities safe while instilling solidarity,” said James. “It is important that we are providing positive content that is aimed at uniting us in this difficult time.”

All COVID-19 messaging is free to customers. You can access the entire database of messages by visiting

This article is by Garrett Satterly in Employee Communications.

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