How to Make Sure You Get the “Wow”

Digital displays can be the most reliable way to get attention. Make an even bigger impact with unexpected curves, shape and structure.

Digital displays with their colorful, dynamic content effectively catch the eye of people passing by every day. Installing and using a reliable, high-contrast display can be the best investment you can make for your business.

But what if you want to make an even bigger impact with your digital display? Draw more eyes by doing something different with your display.

Create Some Curves

Most digital displays are rectangular, so adding some curves makes a truly dramatic statement. You can take advantage of the shape to create unique messaging or designs, knowing they’ll get noticed.

In the Emaar Sales Center shown here, people get a very interactive experience. They are drawn to the beautiful display, even as they encounter the structural exhibits around them. It makes their entire experience unforgettable.

Emaar Sales Center Dubai

In Milwaukee, people can keep in touch with their favorite NBA team from many angles as they move through their day. The Bucks can advertise ticket sales, provide stats and hype content, and make sure the team is on everyone’s mind.

Milwaukee Bucks Parking Garage

Frame Your Content Right

Complement the display and even the landscape with a structure or frame that is totally unexpected. Look at Scentre Properties in Auckland, New Zealand. They combined different LED technologies for a thin structure and the tightest possible curves. With the unusual shape on a modern building, the ads are unmissable.

Scentre Group Limited

The Kensington makes a statement, with its unusual shape, crystal clear resolution, and statement frame. It’s definitely an effective advertising display, but people know it as a landmark and even an iconic piece of art. Now that’s the way to get attention!

The Kensington, London UK

Want more ideas?

Then get in touch with your Daktronics sales rep to see how you can install your perfectly unexpected digital display – and get that WOW factor!

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