The Dos and Don’ts of Livestreaming

Presenting Dos and Don’ts of Live Streaming from Daktronics – a list of tips for livestream technology operators to enhance the experience for everyone who watches high school sports and events online.

Live streaming high school sports and events is bigger than ever. Between the pandemic and access to more advanced technology, live streaming has become the norm. Whether teachers or students are running your school’s livestream technology, you want to make sure your production represents your school well for everyone to watch online.

Daktronics presents the Dos and Don’ts of Live Streaming to help livestream operators create a better experience for people who watch high school athletics or other events online. We even provided a handy printable version that you can hang in a visible spot as a reminder for your students.


  • Make it feel like a real game by showing scores, stats and replays.
  • Tell a story by incorporating B-roll of the fans.
  • Use zoning for effective promotions and advertising.
  • Show wide shots so viewers can see the whole game.


  • Air distracting noises from surrounding environment, like someone walking down the bleachers.
  • Cut off shots or graphics by miscalculating ratio aspects.
  • Display a different time or score than is on the scoreboard.
  • Distract viewers with shaky shots from unstable cameras.

Ask your Daktronics rep about a simple and professional way to show scores and times on your live stream with Live Score Bug.

Remember, fans can see ONLY what’s on the live stream, so provide the same experience for people watching online as the fans in the stands. For a spectacular game day experience, check out Daktronics Big Stream!

Remember to download your own list of Dos and Don’ts here.

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