New Product Catalog Released

We have released our latest interactive-only product catalog, featuring the newest product release, the FLW-3000 Fuelight® Window Digit Display, which shares up to four fuel grades and prices from the gas station window.

Interactive Catalog Download

Other highlights include:

  • Details on Sales Expo 2021 to be held in-person
  • Updated service phone number
  • Updated pixel pitch offerings

Taylor Nilson, Daktronics market manager for on-premise, shared that most product changes correspond with buying trends.

“Most customers are purchasing full-color, so we see a decrease in demand for our monochrome product, which has led to the removal of some of those sizes,” Nilson explained. “Additionally, there is more interest in higher resolution product, so we have phased out our 26.4 as well.”

In addition to product updates, the catalog is now fully interactive. Moving to this format enables both sign companies and end users the ability to view, link or bookmark any section for easy retrieval. The catalog can also be updated quickly to ensure you always have the most recent and accurate information.

Have feedback on the recent catalog? We’d love to hear what you think. Look for a survey next month to help us evolve our catalog to best fit your business needs.

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