Your LED digital display can make your community safer

Did you know your digital display can do more than advertise? A Daktronics digital display gives you features that let you inform people in the community, and even help them stay safe.

A Daktronics LED digital display is an ideal way to attract more eyes to your business, increase advertising effectiveness and improve sales. But every Daktronics display also comes with features that can help you inform your community and even keep people safe.

Of course, you can program alerts within your usual playlist. For example, you can have the local temperature come up every so often. That’s an excellent way to ensure that people look at your display, while providing a real service.

You can also choose to override your usual playlist when something important occurs. Here are a few examples of the alerts you can include to inform the people who walk or drive by your display.


If you use Venus® Control Suite software to control your content, you have access to the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, or IPAWS. This is a national system that provides local alerts regarding emergencies or disasters.

Weather Emergencies

Make sure people see what’s coming their way, whether it’s a blizzard, a tornado, or a simple rainstorm. You can let people know what actions they need to take, or just let them know what’s happening so they can be prepared.

Silver Alerts and AmberTM Alerts

Getting the word out quickly can prevent harm and even save lives. When an older person or a child goes missing, you can put photos and information up on your digital display so everyone who passes by can keep their eyes peeled. An informed community is often the best way to help those who need it.

Control at your fingertips

The content you put on your digital displays is as important as the digital technology itself. Venus Control Suite is a cloud-based software solution that lets operators like you create, manage and schedule content on all your displays – indoor and outdoor, LED and LCD. It is easier than ever to use, combining functionality with an amazing user experience. Venus Control Suite even enables instant updates, ensuring you always have the latest tools in the newest version.

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