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Add Color Using Text Boxes – Part 2

Creating color blocks A color block adds interest and changes up your messages. What’s a color block? A text box with a color fill.  It creates a solid center for text that contrasts with a moving video or image. Here’s how to create a color block: Import a video or image. Add a text box. ...

Add Color Using Text Boxes – Part 1

Fill text boxes or add borders with color to organize your presentations and make them more attractive and easier to read. By using the Content Studio color picker, you can precisely match existing colors with the click of your mouse—and then save them as a Custom Color. Adding filler color In this beer advertisement, the ...

Small Display Help – Using the Character Map to Add Interest

Many times, owners of smaller displays think they are limited to text only. Not true. If you own a smaller display, you can use the Character Map to create holiday presentations, school presentations, weather-related presentations, and more! If you are just starting out and want to do something easy, insert a character that has to ...

Using the Timeline Part 4

TIMELINE TIPS AND TRICKS This is a fourth post in our Using the Timeline series. If you missed the previous Timeline posts, view them on our Venus 1500 blog site. TIP: HIDING AND UNHIDING OBJECTS When there are numerous objects on a layout, you may find it useful to hide some of them to focus ...

Keeping Tabs on Your Tabs: The Format Tab (Content Studio)

Learn about all the different features found in the Format Tab in Content Studio.

Importing Headshots with Busy Backgrounds

Today we’ll talk about importing headshots using Venus®1500 software. Use the Right Photo for Your Message In outdoor advertising, we are limited to 2-3 seconds to grab the driver’s attention, and then deliver the message in as few words as possible. So, if possible, don’t choose a detailed picture for your ad like the one ...

Keeping Tabs on Your Tabs: Layout Storyboard & the Timeline (Content Studio)

Learn all about the Layout Storyboard and Timeline Tabs in Content Studio.

With A Little Help . . . RGB Values

Learn how to use RGB values to find the exact color(s) you want on your Daktronics display.

Keeping Tabs on Your Tabs: The Home Tab (Content Studio)

Learn all about the Home Tab in Content Studio for Venus 1500 V4.

Counting Down the Days ‘til Christmas

One thing you can do to stay on top of your Christmas shopping schedule is to set up reminders on your smartphone or mark your calendar to keep track of how many shopping days are left until the big day! Did you know that you can do the same, exact thing on your Daktronics display?