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Playlist Properties: Active vs. Inactive

A couple months ago, we posted about the Redesigned Playlist Editor and provided instructions on how to use it.  Today, we are going to elaborate on a new feature in the redesigned Playlist Editor and explain how it will save you time! Active vs. Inactive Each time you set your Playlist properties, whether creating a ...

Multiple Time Ranges for Playlists & New Notifications

We have recently made some updates to Venus Control Suite to help improve your experience in the software. Before you go on to read the rest of this post, be sure to check out our last post on Software Updates because most of what we’ll be talking about today is a continuation of those updates. ...

Opt-In to the New Override Playlist User Interface!

Did you know that Venus Control Suite allows you to schedule messages that will interrupt everything else scheduled to run on your display?

Opt-In to the Redesigned Playlist Editor!

You may have noticed a new banner message in your Playlist tab recently. There’s a good reason for that. We updated  how you create playlists! These updates are based on customer feedback and overall user experience. That’s a fancy way of saying that we updated the software to make it friendlier and easier for you! ...

Inherited from Display: What Does It Mean?

Learn what "Inherited from Display" means when you see it in Venus Control Suite.

Quick Update: Select All Displays

Learn how to Select All Displays when creating Playlists in Venus Control Suite.

New! Tools & Time Range Aliases

Today, we released some new updates in the Venus Control Suite software. We based these updates on your feedback with the intention of making your lives easier! As always, if you have any ideas that could improve the overall user-friendliness of Venus Control Suite, please let us know. Tools Page We added a Tools Page ...

Recent Updates Made to Venus Control Suite

We made several updates to Venus Control Suite this fall to help improve your overall user experience. Some of these updates you may have noticed, while others, not so much. This blog will provide you with a list of the new features added to Venus Control Suite and explain how you can use them. Countdowns/Countups ...

Here is whats new in Show Control version 2.20

Version 2.20 includes enhancements to playlist pause mode functionality Pause modes were previously a default setting done through a script button. Users could apply a pause on first or a pause on last mode for individual files. Here is the concept: Pause on the first – allows the director to see the first frame of the ...

Here’s What’s New in Show Control Version 2.17

Learn about latest changes and enhancements to our Show Control System.