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Windows 11 Updates: What you need to know

Upgrading to Windows 11 soon? Here's everything you need to know.

What’s New in Show Control Version 2.29

Display Studio Updates New: We now have the ability to communicate with an All Sport Pro running on a different computer in a local network. All Sport Pro version 21.6.410 or higher is needed for this functionality. For more details on the configuration, see: How to configure All Sport Pro and Display Studio on different ...

Let’s Add Some Fonts

Does your team use a specific font as part of your brand. Did you know you can easily load that font into your Daktronics control system? Content Studio supports the use of additional user-installed true-type and open-type fonts for use in text and Real Time Data (RTD).

Top 5 Questions Daktronics Control System Specialists Receive

From questions on backup systems to connecting an HDMI input, here are the top 5 things our Control Systems Specialists get asked.

3 new Control System best practices for your 2018 season

It is important to make sure your system is up to date and running predictably for the 2018 season. Learn some of our latest tips to keep your system running its best.

Windows 10 Notice – What Do Live Events And Spectaculars Customers Need To Know? (update)

This past summer, The Control Panel posted updates regarding Windows 10 compatibility with Show Control.  At the time, we advised that Show Control customers to not update their operating system because there were concerns that the update could limit functionality with overall control systems. This February, Show Control version 2.0 has been released with expanded compatibility.   This ...

Recent Windows 10 Update?

Were you using Windows 7 or 8 one day, only to find Windows 10 replaced it overnight? If Microsoft updated your operating system to Windows 10, and you weren’t using the latest Venus 1500 version, the software won’t work. Here’s how to fix this problem by updating to Venus 1500 V4.22. Follow the directions in ...

Downloading the Daktronics Media Kit

Download and enable the Media Kit in Venus 1500!

How do I put my Venus 1500 software on a new computer?

If you are using Venus 1500 to control your Daktronics display and you need to switch to a new computer, this article is for you!

How to stop Microsoft update that scheduled a Windows 10 upgrade

If you have a Windows computer, you may be familiar with reoccurring “Get Windows 10” prompts. In your Daktronics Control system, you may see these prompts on Show Control, DSTI, or DMP-7000 computers. Recently, the Windows upgrade program has been automatically scheduling time for customers to upgrade their PC vs just asking to upgrade. With ...