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Ford Uses Corporate Sponsorship to Support Brookings PRIDE Night

Teagan Ford uses her corporate sponsorship to support Brookings PRIDE.

Daktronics Employees Make Strides in Raising Mental Health Awareness

Robert Terrell and Vicki Graves use their corporate sponsorship to support the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Daktronics thanks Tony Roland for 5 years of dedicated service.

Tony Roland has landmark anniversary with Daktronics.

Daktronics thanks Tom May for 5 years of dedicated service.

Tom May has landmark anniversary with Daktronics.

Bessler Retiring After Nearly Three Decades of Service

Lavon Bessler retires from Daktronics after 29 years of service.

Daktronics thanks Matt Warnke for 20 years of dedicated service

Matt Warnke has landmark anniversary with Daktronics.

Eat Dessert and Make a Miracle

Join us as we celebrate Miracle Treat Day.

Daktronics Thanks Teri Ronning for 15 Years of Service

Teri’s supervisor, Jeremy Johnson, says Teri is a tremendous asset to Daktronics. “As a supervisor, she works hard to understand the talents and needs of each employee to ensure they are having their best possible work experience,” he said.

Kurtenbach Receives SDSU Distinguished Engineering Award

Daktronics President and CEO receives award.

Daktronics Redwood Falls Recognized at United Way Appreciation Event

Daktronics Redwood Falls employees give and live united to support their communities.