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How to Import Your Own Media into Content Studio

Learn how to properly create, find and import your own media files into Content Studio.

Zoom, Zoom!! How to check your work in the Web Compositor

Learn how to use the Zoom feature in the Web Compositor to make sure your message is readable and clear.

Keeping Tabs on Your Tabs: Layout Storyboard & the Timeline (Content Studio)

Learn all about the Layout Storyboard and Timeline Tabs in Content Studio.

Updates Made for Ad Grid Users

Learn all about the latest updates made to Venus Control Suite, including Content Approval and Group Sales.

With A Little Help . . . RGB Values

Learn how to use RGB values to find the exact color(s) you want on your Daktronics display.

Keeping Tabs on Your Tabs: Pages, Effects & Drawing (Content Studio)

Learn all about the Pages, Effects and Drawing tabs found in Content Studio and how you can use them to liven up your content!

With A Little Help . . . Adapting Print Media

Learn how to transform print media into digital media for your Daktronics display.

Content Studio Now Remembers Login Credentials!

Read all about the latest, very exciting update made to Content Studio for Venus Control Suite.

Keeping Tabs on Your Tabs: The View Tab (Content Studio)

Learn all about the View Tab in Content Studio and how you can use it to create pixel perfect content for your Daktronics display!

With A Little Help . . . Transparent Images

Learn where to find and how to create transparent images for your Daktronics display.