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Support from Above

There is a growing demand and need for infrastructure improvement, which leads to more innovation through technology. That includes dynamic message signs (DMS) on our roads and highways. As the government addresses infrastructure nationwide, communication on the roadways is more important than ever.

The Momentum of Progress

Digital roadway signage technology and utilization is advancing at a rapid pace. It’s easier than ever to use the digital messaging to communicate with motorists.

From Gate to Game

Daktronics displays will be visible throughout US Bank Stadium at the Big Game on Sunday, but did you know they’ll also be guiding people to the game? From the airport, along the rail lines, to street signs throughout downtown Minneapolis, Daktronics is with you from Gate to Game!

Choosing a Subcontractor? Read These 3 Tips First

Picture this: you won a project, need subcontractors to get it done and time is short. How do you choose? We’ve made it easy and compiled a list of questions to ask.


Moving People at MIA

We’ve all been there—you’re frantically trying to find which gate to board and someone runs into you from behind while you’re trying to make sure you take the right flight. The solution? Street furniture! Although the name implies the best placement for serving its purpose is the street, that’s not always the case. What better ...


New BART Displays Receive Attention

Photo courtesy of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) riders might have noticed some new digital displays throughout the system. A recent article featured the new signs comparing them to the old ones. Daktronics is proud to be the provider of both displays. You see, the average lifespan of a similar display is typically up to 10 ...


Oregon Department of Transportation Wins Best of Intelligent Transportation Systems 2015 Award With Daktronics Signs, Software

Daktronics would like to congratulate Oregon Department of Transportation on receiving Intelligent Transportation Systems’ “The Best of ITS 2015 Award” for project OR 217. The project featured Daktronics dynamic message signs and software, including Travel Time technology. In 2013, ODOT replaced previous statewide control system software with Daktronics Vanguard® Professional Software. Daktronics provided ODOT with ...


Daktronics Announces $3.2 Million Order for New York City Transit

The Transportation division keeps growing by leaps and bounds! As a world leader in the digital display market, Daktronics aims to lead in all categories of investment. With the largest mass transit order the company's received to date, Daktronics is pleased to announce a $3.2 million order for Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) New York City ...


Lean, Mean Manufacturing Machine

In case you haven’t heard, Daktronics began its Lean journey in 2006 to eliminate waste and boost efficiency. The result was impressive: a 60% increase in factory efficiency. Through improving productivity with continuous flow assembly lines, Daktronics has been able to produce a better product with shorter lead times. Check out this materials management blog ...


Now That We Have Your Attention…

Massachusetts Department of Transportation knows how to host a good contest. If you remember a few weeks back, they amused travelers with a memorable safety message splashed across their dynamic message signs featuring some common vernacular: “Changing lanes? Use yah blinkah.” Now, MassDOT wants to take it up a notch to combat road rage, distracted ...