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Univeristy of Alaska's LED Sign

Extreme Weather and Your Customer’s Display

Have you ever dealt with a customer whose display was damaged by extreme weather? We have done something to help your customers cope with unexpected events.

MySupport Updates—Easier Access, Faster Support

MySupport is an online service portal for sign companies.

Unlimited Customizable Messages

Daktronics new media kit building blocks provides what no other LED manufacturer does for a content offering: unlimited message creation.

Use This Versatile and Handy Sales Tool

Are you using the product brochure, Digital Display Solutions 2017–2018? If not, download a copy now.

Imagine the Possibilities

Did you know that Daktronics offers a range of LCD options to fit any indoor environment? It’s true!

Too Good to be True?

If you have some customers who have been on the fence about getting a new display, we have some information that might persuade them to take the leap.

User Operates More Than 500 Displays; Loves the Software’s Latest Updates

We updated our Venus® Control Suite software recently, and we’ve already heard from a happy user! Jonathan Steede oversees more than 500 displays for Kwik Trip. He works with 7 to 9 different sizes, both mono and full color. To accommodate such a wide variety of options, he uses 50 to 60 playlists. So, it’s ...


We’re attending the upcoming National Association of Convenience Stores Show (NACS) and will be sharing the following message with convenience store customers. We hope you find these points helpful when talking to your c-store customers. Signage stimulates sales, advertises new products and offers discounts. Everything you want them to do. Let us make this happen for ...

Sell Venus® Control Suite with Confidence: Free Training for Sign Companies

The advance of technology is changing customer expectations. Instead of simply selling an LED sign and its benefits, you now must sell the simple yet robust experience the customer can expect from the software. To successfully sell software, it’s important to be familiar with the functions each customer expects. Some want simple content management only. ...

Tips to Develop a New Revenue Stream for Your Business

Have you sold a Galaxy® eCCB yet? The potential customer base is huge, because your prospective buyers include anyone using a manually changeable copy board! We designed and built this product for customers interested in an LED sign, but not necessarily one with all the bells and whistles. Owners operate the eCCB from inside, out ...