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Denison Schools Create Hype

An ever-growing trend in the world of video is to create “hype” videos to amplify school spirit and raise the fan support (and volume) in the stadium. The Monarchs have it down.

Schools Helping Schools

When you consider a new purchase, do you ever read customer reviews or even ask your neighbor what their experience was like? That's exactly what prompted a field trip from one high school to another in Wisconsin, to check out scoring equipment and ask questions.

Quality vs. Quantity

It's here. Your video display has arrived! Before you start creating content at lightning speed, read what a reasonable goal is for quantity as well as what makes for quality content.

The Dance Cam

You're heard of the kiss cam at professional sporting events. But what about a dance cam? One school decided to put an audience-friendly spin on a game day tradition.

Getting The Most Out Of Content Studio

On the Daktronics Control Systems YouTube page, you will find 3 new videos on some of the most popular questions asked. These videos include Editing Custom Headshot Templates, How to Create Message Graphics, and How to Create a Sponsor Roll. 

Video Display: Real-Time Data

Use Real-Time Data graphics on your video display to show live game information. Daktronics offers multiple resources to best use RTD.

Practice Makes Perfect

The football players practice for game day and so should the production crew. Crater came up with a game day challenge to get them fully prepared for a crazy game day.

Students Manage Operations at Football Games

During home football games, it’s easy to see the effort put in by the players. What isn’t as easy to see is the effort put in by the students running major parts of the event itself.

Multisport Venue+ Video Display = Ease + Functionality

What is the best option for scoring at a multi-sport venue? A video display simplifies the process and need for man power with one control system.


While a video board is the centerpiece of any facility, sound is equally as important, communicating clear and, now, head-turning messages. You read that right – our sound systems can now display sponsor ads and other in-game messages. DIGITAL AUDIO FACADE Our digital audio façade combines next generation ProPixel Freeform LED Sticks and the SS-1500HD ...