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RTD explained in 5 minutes

Placing Real-Time Data (RTD) on your Daktronics display is a common practice that many facilities use in lieu of standard scoreboards. Knowing how RTD works is a critical part of operating and maintaining a control system that sometimes gets overlooked on-site.

In the Director’s Seat

Football season has officially started and new displays are popping up around the nation. One in particular, however, caught our eye – Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union Stadium in Texas. This field houses Cy-Fair Independent School District’s (CFISD) games as well as other community games and events. As with any game, it all comes down to ...

Designing on a Dime

It’s all in the flick of the wrist…or the computer mouse for us! Creating great-looking content isn’t as big of a task as it may seem, especially with the right tools readily available. So we sat down with the supervisor of our Creative Services’ digital artists, Scott Larsen, to get the full scoop on resources ...