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9 Revenue Builders for Game Day

Opportunities for revenue on your video display are plentiful. But have you looked beyond the obvious ones?

Fixed Digit Scoreboards + Video Scoreboard

As you look to update your stadium or gymnasium, you will need to decide what is the best product for you. Let’s take a look at your options and the benefits of each.

Schools Helping Schools

When you consider a new purchase, do you ever read customer reviews or even ask your neighbor what their experience was like? That's exactly what prompted a field trip from one high school to another in Wisconsin, to check out scoring equipment and ask questions.

How to Gain Community Support

Fundraising starts with "fun" and should be! Daktronics Sports Marketing is here to help.

Sports Marketing: Pay for Your Display

A video board can pay for itself thanks to Daktronics Sports marketing. Find local sponsors to cover your payments and keep those sponsors happy down the road so they continue sponsoring.

Friday Night Lights

You’ve been waiting for it. The band has been practicing and the team has been scrimmaging. The gates are open and your senses engage. Smell the grass, feel the rumble of the crowd stomping their feet on the bleachers, hear the roar of the cheering fans, taste the popcorn and watch the scoreboard light up ...

See It to Believe It

While a video board is the centerpiece of any facility, sound is equally as important, communicating clear and, now, head-turning messages. You read that right – our sound systems can now display sponsor ads and other in-game messages.

New School Year. New Opportunities.

Another school year is upon us. Time for students to head back to class, extracurricular activities and start their routine. However, a high school in Scottsbluff, Nebraska is shaking things up this year with three new video boards and four scoreboards between the football field, gymnasium and softball field. New equipment is always exciting , ...

Funding Your Way to Digital Displays

Monticello, Minnesota, has some big news: they’re adding the state’s second-largest high school video board to their roster, as well as five other scoreboards. And, they’re fully funded by the community. How did that happen? If you look at any town, it’s easy to see the love and dedication communities have for their home team. ...

Last Chance to Register

This is not a drill! Registration for the high school video summits is coming to a close. Save your spot by the deadlines below: Texas - Wednesday, July 12th Missouri - Tuesday, July 18th Minnesota - Tuesday, July 25th Why attend? This is your chance to learn ways to continually improve your game day. There ...