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3 new Control System best practices for your 2018 season

It is important to make sure your system is up to date and running predictably for the 2018 season. Learn some of our latest tips to keep your system running its best.

Genius Sports and the NCAA – What You Need to Know.

Recently, the NCAA made an announcement that will impact the entire landscape of sports data, specifically the collection, management and distribution of statistics and scoring data.

Your Display Comes Clean

A thorough cleaning can make a huge impact on image quality. Everything gets dusty and dirty. Think of your television at home. Dust collects on the screen that needs to be removed on a regular basis. Large screen displays are no exception. Particles in the air collect on the face of the display, affecting the ...

Display Calibration: What is it and why calibrate?

At Daktronics, we recognize the demand for a smooth display appearance and our service team uses a variety of processes to meet these expectations through display calibration. What is LED calibration and why should I calibrate my display? All LED technology slowly dims and degrades over time. Each LED can degrade at a different rate which then ...

4 Easy Steps to Ensure Your Display is Baseball Ready

With Baseball season starting, it's time to fire up your video display for the year. But first, a system check is necessary. If your service agreement includes an annual system check, you might be covered. If not, here are four things to consider to ensure your display is in peak condition. Perform a visual inspection - For ...

Integrate baseball pitch tracking technology with your display

Today's new pitch and hit interfaces allow MLB, MiLB and NCAA teams to expand beyond just the speed of pitch. These new data options require time and planning to set up and test.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for the upcoming season.

Off-season Best Practices for Control Equipment

What are best practices for storing equipment? Here are some things to consider before leaving your control room for the year.

Use the same support tools as we do!

Our technicians and specialists learn about our products through a number of ways.  They have access to manuals, drawings, videos and technical knowledge base articles to help understand installation, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of our products.  These resources are mobile optimized so our team of support staff can access these tools anytime and anywhere. Did you know ...

Labor Day Weekend Support

Labor Day weekend is exciting time for our Daktronics Services Department.  This weekend, we will have individuals supporting football games from the high school to professional levels.  We will be here over the holiday for football or any other support needs. The gateway into all our technical support resources is available 24/7 on Our online support ...