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Daktronics To Introduce New LED Video Solutions At DSE 2019

New Street Furniture, the Optica series and digital banner products will debut domestically at DSE 2019 for the first time.


Choosing a Subcontractor? Read These 3 Tips First

Picture this: you won a project, need subcontractors to get it done and time is short. How do you choose? We’ve made it easy and compiled a list of questions to ask. Guaranteeing Timeliness How do you know that your order will be on time? Is there a known production window and capacity? Are there ...


Moving People at MIA

We’ve all been there—you’re frantically trying to find which gate to board and someone runs into you from behind while you’re trying to make sure you take the right flight. The solution? Street furniture! Although the name implies the best placement for serving its purpose is the street, that’s not always the case. What better ...


Lean, Mean Manufacturing Machine

In case you haven’t heard, Daktronics began its Lean journey in 2006 to eliminate waste and boost efficiency. The result was impressive: a 60% increase in factory efficiency. Through improving productivity with continuous flow assembly lines, Daktronics has been able to produce a better product with shorter lead times. Check out this materials management blog ...


Continually Earning Your Trust

When you hear the words “Trust me,” a person might think, “Why should I?” Well, here’s a good reason: for three consecutive years, Daktronics has been named one of North America’s 100 most trustworthy companies.  Only 5 other companies on the list are able to claim the same distinction of three years running. Over 8,000 ...


Passenger Communication at its Finest

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport In the world of consumer electronics, online retailers like Amazon, Tiger Direct and Newegg continue to chomp away at our local brick-and-mortar stores. Most analysts blame it on any combination of poor customer service, convenience and price. I would contend that it’s a lack of well-delivered, well-timed information. These days, ...


Happy National Transportation Week!

We at Daktronics Transportation take our business to heart. Every year, America's transportation systems encounter more demand, more volume and more challenges. Our products and services impact these universal systems in several ways, and we couldn't be more proud to work in this industry. May 14-20 is the 50th annual National Transportation Week, which commemorates ...


Q&A: LCD vs. LED Technology

In our conversations with aviation and mass transit representatives, we've seen some confusion about what type of display – LCD or LED – is best used for large scheduling boards. I'll try to clear it up by responding to some common questions about the differences between the two technologies. In short, LED displays have properties ...


Full-color displays help airlines reinforce brands and swap ticket counters

Showing drivers exactly where to stop, curbside displays increase safety and reduce congestion for airports across the country. These installations direct passengers to the nearest ticket counter and guide returning travelers to waiting shuttles, vans or taxis. Our newest display for curbside applications is the AF-3500 which is a full-color display available in 16 and ...


Daktronics Debuts AF-6200 and AF-6300 Message Centers

Daktronics recently introduced two new message centers to the aviation, mass transit and parking markets. The AF-6200 and AF-6300 feature many enhancements and integration capabilities requested by architects, engineers, consultants and integrators in these industries. The AF-6200 and AF-6300 provide increased legibility and enhanced contrast with a special polycarbonate face and black-based LEDs. Tested and ...