Univeristy of Alaska's LED Sign

LED Signs and Extreme Weather

Extreme weather in your area? Use it as a chance to talk about the rugged LED signs you sell.


Digital Street Furniture, What Are You Thinking?

What are your thoughts on digital street furniture? You may know them as: MUPI, digital furniture (as it does not necessarily need to be by a street), LED advertising displays, digital kiosk, information panel… the list goes on. No matter what you decide to call it, we’re interested in your feedback on this new advertising ...


After-the-Sale Software Links

Share these helpful Venus® 1500 software links with new customers: Download Venus 1500 software Your customers click on the link below, click on the download button under “First Time Installation,” and save it to their desktop to follow the instructions. http://www.daktronics.com/Venus1500Download Register the software Your customer clicks on the link below to watch a 5-minute ...


Free Pass to ISA Exhibit Hall

This year, the ISA International Sign Expo will be in Orlando, Florida, April 24-26. Enjoy a free pass to the exhibition courtesy of Daktronics. Get your Exhibit Hall pass in two ways: Use this link: https://www.xpressreg.net/register/sign044/start.asp?bp=1938363535&sc=000485 Fill in your company name to open up the form. If you have attended ISA before, the form will ...


Don’t Overlook This Niche

Have you called on the carwashes in your area? This is a $24 billion industry with a bright future as fewer and fewer car owners wash their cars at home.* Here are some great talking points: Carwashes depend a lot on impulse sales, and LED signs stimulate unplanned buying. This niche’s slow time is Tuesday ...


Catalyst Outdoor Advertising: Redefining Outdoor

Catalyst Outdoor founding partner, Thaddeus Bartkowski, sat down with us recently and discussed his outdoor advertising business. Catalyst owns and operates locations throughout Philadelphia and New York which includes 14 digital billboard faces. Bartkowski uses the flexibility of digital outdoor in creative and charitable ways and worked closely with municipalities to develop an aesthetically driven ...


All you need is Love … and Free Valentine’s Day content for your Digital Billboard!

Roses are red Violets are blue Daktronics was thinking About your digital billboard revenue! According to the OAAA Valentines Sales Tip, Americans will spend over $18 billion to demonstrate their love on Valentine’s Day. These are the categories: • Candy - 47.5 % • Flowers - 34.3% • Cards - 52.1 % • Jewelry - ...


Content–Why You Should Care

You may think that display content isn't very important to you. But here’s something to think about: Displays you sold in your area running poor content aren’t very good advertisements. Without effective content, the displays may not provide the return on investment your customers expect. Daktronics offers a lot of content support. One example is ...


In Pursuit of the Pigskin

Something’s brewing in East Rutherford, New Jersey…a battle between two groups with one thing on their minds: the pigskin. If you’re planning on traveling to the big game on Sunday, we have news for you—literally. The path to the stadium is paved with over 1,000 Daktronics signs within a 100-mile radius. Our roadside Dynamic Message ...


Free Software Training for Sign Companies Via Web Seminar

Familiarity with Venus® 1500 software builds your confidence for a customer demo. Increase your control software knowledge by taking advantage of the web seminars we offer. Daktronics is offering sign companies free Venus 1500 control software training on: • Wednesday, February 12 at 2 p.m. Central time • Friday, February 14 at 9 a.m. Central ...