Your Basic Sales Tool

Calling on prospective customers? Remember one picture is worth a thousand words! Access photos from our online gallery using your laptop or iPad to fire up your prospects' imaginations. Simply go to http://www.daktronics.com/Photogallery and find what you need in our collection of 6,000 photos. Search by postal code, city, state, size, and/or application. Each photo ...


New Time & Temp Displays

Rugged and Versatile Datatime® time & temp displays perform a public service and make your customer's facility a community landmark. Another selling point: the new 1012 series' potted digits protect against corrosion. This added weather protection gives you and your customers peace of mind. Mount the 1012 series in two different ways. The front flange ...


Get the Help You Need

Take control of getting the parts and answers you need with our new Online Service and Support web area. At http://www.daktronics.com/Support you will find these resources and much more: Online Service Request form—get help without waiting on hold Venus 1500 software updates and FAQs Product installation and user manuals Video Venus 1500 control software tutorials ...


Close Sales with This

Tell reluctant customers about the Section 179 tax break. It might be the incentive they need to finally place that order. The American Taxpayer Relief Act has enhanced Section 179. This IRS tax code allows small businesses to deduct the full price of qualified equipment from their taxable income. Many retailers who buy digital displays ...


2013 Technical Training Opportunities

We're offering you ten product technical training opportunities in 2013. These seminars will teach your staff how to install, service, and maintain LED displays. How will this benefit your company? Shorter installation time Fewer follow-up calls More effective on-site repairs Happier customers Last year, service people, installers, owners, sales staff, and project managers attended these ...


Use This GalaxyPro® Sales Video

Talking to first-time customers? Or visiting display owners needing an update? Share this new, minute-long video, "GalaxyPro® GP4 Video Display Features" covering the following points and more: 20% to 30% less energy use Fully sealed modules and power supplies Easy installation View the GalaxyPro Fourth Generation video display specifications


Sign Company Fuelight™ Delivery Program

Sometimes, closing the sale depends on prompt delivery. Our Fuelight Delivery Program guarantees shipment of petroleum digit displays within two weeks. We've recently added a new communication option to the program: Fuelink™ Radio 3-400 Control Kit For more information about all of the communication options and petroleum digit displays available, view the delivery program flier. ...


Resources to Help You Sell

Need help explaining to customers how an EMC can profit them? Use our two free brochures to get prospects excited about an EMC's potential. These two resources each address a different customer type: retailers and service groups. The Digital Advantage Focuses on retailers Explains how displays increase sales Discusses cost effectiveness Contains two worksheets to ...